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Our Story

A Family Story

Ever since the day I first imagined In Practice Skincare, the project has become so much bigger than myself. From the line’s environmental awareness to its charitable giving, the community mission of In Practice has been shaped and influenced by places and people that make up the tapestry of my life.

I feel incredibly privileged to have grown up in Australia, and my strong connection to home was something I wanted to reflect in the brand. Australia is such a special place, and our ecosystems are like none other. The magic of it can be seen in the natural ingredients readily available to us, some of which have played a key role in our formulations. Our weather patterns, climate, and humidity — varying across the country — can affect our skin in different ways. So an understanding of these impacts was also essential in the development stages of the line.

Keeping things local has always been an objective of In Practice, equally out of love for the planet. My father worked in the geotechnical space for years, studying ways to reduce carbon footprints. His passion had an obvious impact. As a mother myself, I now have a burning desire to leave a better planet behind for my children, and where business is involved, it means taking responsibility. When it came time to design packaging for the line, I knew I wanted it to be as sustainable as possible. With his expertise, my dad stepped in to provide a sounding board for important information about the brand’s packaging choices and its longterm effects. He looked at every detail, weighing up the carbon footprint left by each packaging option and refill option. I am immensely grateful for his perspective, and truly believe that this “slow beauty” mentality is the way of the future.

My husband also played a big role in the development of In Practice Skincare, inspiring me to add the charitable aspect to the brand. As a veterinarian, he has witnessed first-hand the impacts the job can have on mental health. Besides being incredibly empathetic, many vets feel the impacts of burnout, long hours, low rates of pay and client pressures. To say that there is immense pressure would be an understatement, but it is only recently starting to be addressed both inside and outside the veterinary world. So when In Practice Skincare was just an idea back in 2017, my husband and I knew that by uniting our perspectives we could create something different and meaningful. Combining our two passions, we hope to spread awareness and contribute financially to community initiatives that we are passionate about.

I also want to acknowledge our incredible team of passionate Beauty Therapists who work with us, have supported this wild dream and been a huge part of this journey with me. I'm so excited by what we have managed to achieve over the last 8 years that many of our team have been working with me for - thank you for taking this journey with me!

With In Practice Skincare, I hope to create yet another kind of family. A family of skincare lovers who care about the bigger picture. From the foundation, my brand has been family-based, and that echoes throughout each little detail. I thank each and every one of our customers for your support. Not only of the brand but also of our core values.

Welcome to the family. 

- Lorinda